Why do bunions form?

"There is an inherent defect of the foot that predisposes it to develop this deformity. In addition, ill fitting shoes accentuate and accelerate the development of bunions. "

When is the best time to to solve this deformity?

juanetes antesAs soon as possible will assure you will not create more problems later.

While bunions are most obvious the most painful consequences are:

  • A Second hammertoe (this implies that it is not possible, in most cases, to fix the bunion without addressing the problem of the hammertoe).
  • Fifth finger with painful corns, chicken eyes, ingrown toenails, bunions bag, etc ...

juanetes despuesThis evolves into a disastrous foot, incalzable and that can become debilitating if not taken timely resolution.

How can you cure bunions?

Thanks to the arrival of the minimal incision technique within the U.S, the operation is performed through a tiny cut of 1 inch while the patient is under local anesthesia. The patient walks out on his own feet, without hospitalization. Being such a tiny incision scarring is minimal while healing is much faster returning the patient quickly to their daily activities. For most cases there is no need for a post-operative pain and a Nolotil postoperatively is sufficeint.